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Trophy Gold is a game of desperate treasure-hunters exploring the lost and forgotten places of the world. It takes the core rules of Trophy Dark and expands them for use in a more traditional, long-term fantasy campaign. The game mashes together story game and OSR principles to create a gameplay experience that is fast, flexible, and deep. 

The game tells the story of the treasure-hunters’ obsessive drive to seek ever-greater riches in a desperate bid to stay alive. Trophy Gold takes the collaborative, push-your-luck rules and rolls of its sister game, Trophy Dark, and blends them with the survive-by-your-wits mentality of old-school fantasy games. Instead of the ever-increasing power that comes with leveling up found in other games, treasure-hunters in Trophy Gold remain fragile, meaning death is always just one bad roll away.

Welcome to the world of Kalduhr, where fortune favors the bold.

Like Trophy Dark, sessions of Trophy Gold are organized around Incursions. However, unlike Trophy Dark, the Incursions in Trophy Gold are not linear, and often take multiple sessions to finish. The Incursions are divided into Sets. Each Set has a Goal, which represents what the treasure-hunters are trying to accomplish in that Set; Props, which are environmental elements the treasure-hunters can investigate; Traps, which are monsters and other dangers the treasure-hunters might encounter; and Treasures, which are the valuables the treasure-hunters need to recover if they don’t want to die penniless. As the treasure-hunters complete Sets and Incursions, they learn more about (and name!) the monstrosities they encounter—valuable information that is recorded in the Bestiary and passed down to future treasure-hunters. 

Trophy Gold includes:

  • Player's Guide
  • Gamemaster's Guide
  • 9 incursions (scenarios)
  • Roots of Old Kalduhr Mega-incursion
  • guidelines for creating your own Incursions
  • guidelines for converting existing adventures to Trophy Gold
  • And more!
Created by: Jesse Ros
Additional Contributions: Aaron Burkett, Alexi Sargeant, Amanda Franck, Cat Evans, Christina Stone-Bush, Dan Felder, David LaFreniere, David Morrison, Eli Kurtz, Epidiah Ravachol, Fraser Simons, Gabriel Robinson, Gerrit Reininghaus, Jason Cordova, Jason Tocci, Jesse Ross, Judd Karlman, Kyle Maxwell, Litza Bronwyn, MadJay Brown, Madeleine Ember, Michael Van Vleet, Mike Martens, Natalie Ash, Oli Jeffery, Phil Vecchione, Ramanan Sivaranjan, and Sabine V 
Editors & Publishers: Jason Cordova & David LaFreniere 
Art & Layout: Jesse Ross
Cover Art: Anton Cheykin & Jesse Ross
Additional Art: Anna Zee

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You can download free quickstart materials here

TROPHYRPG.COM for other game materials.

B5 Hardcover book with partial cloth binding, foil stamps, and a ribbon bookmark.
240 full-color interiors printed on luxurious heavyweight paper.

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