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Trophy Dark is a game of dark fantasy and psychological horror, about doomed treasure-hunters exploring an environment that doesn’t want them there. It’s designed to be played as a one-shot, perfect for convention play, or as a tragic side story in your regular, long-term game. 

The game tells the story of the treasure-hunters’ physical and mental descent as they move deeper and deeper into the dangerous forest. Their journey ultimately brings them to ancient ruins that hold the treasure they seek, and the monstrous entities that dwell there. This is not a hopeful story of brave and daring adventurers that slay dragons and drag bags of gold back to town. This is a horror story of entitled pillagers meeting tragic ends.

Welcome to the world of Kalduhr. Welcome to the forest.

A session of Trophy Dark is organized around an Incursion. Incursions are scenarios that are designed to be played in a single session, making Trophy Dark ideal as a one-shot, a convention game, or a side story in a longer campaign. Incursions have 5 Rings, with each Ring representing an escalation in the horror and danger the treasure-hunters face. The progression through the Rings is linear, but within that linear structure are many opportunities to make the story your own and unveil plot twists no one saw coming.

Trophy Dark includes:

  • The core rules of Trophy Dark
  • The Gamemaster's Guide
  • 22 incursions (scenarios)
  • guidelines for creating your own Incursions
  • advice for using Trophy Dark as part of another fantasy game campaign
  • And more!

Created by: Jesse Ross
Additional Contributions: Aaron Burkett, Alexi Sargeant, Blaine Moore, Brian Sago, David Morrison, 
Gabriel Robinson, Ira Grace, Jim Crocker, Leonardo Pondoc, Ludovico Alves, Luiz Paulo Ferraz, Madeleine Ember, Michael Van Vleet, Mike Martens, Noora Rose, and Sabine V
Editor: Lauren McManamon
Publisher: Jason Cordova 
Art & Layout: Jesse Ross
Aditional Art: Anna Zee
Cartography: Rian Magee

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TROPHYRPG.COM for other game materials.

B5 Hardcover book with partial cloth binding, foil stamps, and a ribbon bookmark.
180 full-color interiors printed on luxurious heavyweight paper.

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