Fabien's Atelier

Brad Kerr

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The Wizard Fabien is Dead.

The magic in his flying island sputters and fades. Brave adventurers will enter the wizard's floating workshop and unravel its mysteries before catastrophic failure sends the island crashing down to earth. 

From the pages of Brad Kerr's anthology WYVERN SONGS, Fabien's Atelier is a puzzle dungeon and fantasy adventure module updated for the role-playing game Cairn.

Fabian's Atelier is a follow-up to the adventure module Hideous Daylight but may be played without any previous experience.

Adventure Module by: Brad Kerr
Cover art, pg.4, pg. 23, and corner illustrations by Amanda Lee Franck
Maps by Rob Matthews

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 33 color pages. 

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