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Stacking Dice

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Waeldaeg is a roleplaying game zine about explorers from the Early Middle Ages going beyond a melted glacier far in the North. Beyond the icy strait lies a vast and mist-locked sea of strange, wondrous, and horrifying islands. Among these islands, the explorers will find evidence of the presence and reign of the First, an ancient civilization that built wondrous ruins and alchemized biological creations. Their artificially-created progeny dot the islands and have built their own civilizations and nations, and the great and terrible war-things the First crafted guard the ancient places. Through all of this, your player’s despondent and unhealthily curious characters will travel, explore, and find dangerous and harrowing adventure.

The zine’s focus is on generating content for adventures best played with your favorite choice of dungeon-game; things like Knave, Cairn, Into the Odd, Maze Rats, or even Warlock! would make for enjoyable campaigns. Newer dungeon games like Pathfinder (either edition) or the game we all know and have played could do as well, given the system neutral statblocks and procedures.

Created by: Joseph Chambers
Art by: Amanda Lee Franck

A5 perfect bound zine, pages.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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