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Trophy Loom is a system-agnostic setting book for dark medieval fantasy roleplaying games, especially the games under the Trophy banner.

Unlike other RPG setting books you may be familiar with, you will not find detailed historical timelines or accurate city populations in Trophy Loom. Rather, this book consists mostly of random tables you can use to inspire you before or during a game session. These tables contain threads of detail that can be woven into an entire adventure, or can be stitched in to fill a gap when you need a name, monster, or location on short notice. 

Created by: Jesse Ros
Additional Contributions: Aaron Burkett, Gabriel Robinson, James Holloway, Jim Crocker, Judd Karlman, Madeleine Ember, Michael Van Vleet, Natalie Ash, Paul Baldowski, and Tom McGrenery
Editor: Lauren McManamon
Publishers: Jason Cordova & David LaFreniere 
Art & Layout: Jesse Ross
Additional Art: Anna Zee
Cartography: Rian Magee

You can download free quickstart materials here

Visit TROPHYRPG.COM for other game materials.

B5 Hardcover book with partial cloth binding, foil stamps, and a ribbon bookmark.
196 full-color interiors printed on luxurious heavyweight paper.

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