Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying

9th Level Games

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Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying is an officially licensed, complete fantasy RPG based on the hit board game RETURN TO DARK TOWER by Restoration Games, and inspired by the original Dark Tower board game from the 1980s. 

Powered by Polymorph system and compatible with 9th Level Games’ award-winning MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying, the Return to Dark Tower RPG brings dark, pulp-inspired storytelling and fast action to the table with modern roleplaying rules built on very deep roots.

Written by Chris O'Neill 
Copy Editing by Graham Sternberg
Additional Editing by Adriel Lee Wilson & Patrick Clapp
Produced by Heather O'Neill

Deluxe gold-stamped hardcover includes 208 full color pages of content—everything you need to make characters and run games, plus details on how you can use components from Return to Dark Tower board game to enhance your roleplaying experience!

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