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Welcome to Isla Pona. Isla Pona is a small island on a vast ocean. It’s got one little town and a handful for people. The people forage fruits and fish, sleep by the sea, and help one another. On Isla Pona, everything is good.


But the ocean is vast! Nobody knows what’s out on the water.

Maybe you should find out.

O Tawa is the first RPG written entirely in language Toki Pona. In this game, you play a group of adventurers. You travel on your boat, talk to strange people, fight monsters, and help out the islands on the great ocean. To help, you have a bit of magic. Speak Words of Power, change the world.

O Tawa is a lightweight, chill game. You’ll explore new places and tell a story together. All you need are some six-sided dice, paper and pencils, a few friends, and these rules. Oh, and you’ll need to know Toki Pona, or be willing to learn.

About the Language  

The Toki Pona version of this game uses the 120 original Toki Pona words, in addition to several nimi sin. Because not everyone uses words from ku, translations are provided for those words.

toki pona
o kama pona tawa ma Pona! ma Pona li ma lili lon telo suli. ona li jo e ma tomo wan,lijoejanpimutelili.nila,janaleli alasa e kili e kala, li lape lon poka telo, li pana e pona tawa jan ante. ma Pona la, ale li pona.

taso. . .

taso, telo suli li suli a! jan ala li sona e ni: ma seme li lon telo?

ken la, sina kama sona.

musi O Tawa li musi supa pi powe musi. ni li musi nanpa wan lon toki pona taso. musi ni, sina kulupu pi jan tawa. sina ale li tawa lon tomo tawa telo, li toki e jan nasa, li utala e monsuta, li pana e pona tawa ma lili mute lon telo suli a. pona sina la, sina jo e wawa nasa. o toki e nimi wawa la, o ante e ale.

musi O Tawa li musi pona, li musi lete, li musi lili. sina en jan pona sina li lukin e ma nasa ante li pali e powe musi sina. sina wile jo taso e kiwen nanpa pi sinpin luka wan, e lipu e ilo sitelen, e jan pona, e nasin musi ni. a! kin la, sina wile jo e sona pi toki pona, anu e wile sona pi toki pona.

toki mi

lipu ni li lon toki poni kepeken nimi ku. jan ale li sona alaenimikualela,mipanaekonpinimisinnilon anpa.

This game comes in both english and Toki Pona versions. The English version of the game is intended to help people who are learning Toki Pona. You could also play the game in English if you wish, although the intent of the creator is for this game to be played entirely in Toki Pona. 

You can learn more about Toki Pona here.

2 A5 saddle-stitched zines, 24 pages each. 

*Digital files will be emailed once the physical item ships.

Tags: Adventure, Rpg, Sea

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