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Mazes is a return to the classic sword and sorcery dungeon crawler with award-winning, yet delightfully simple modern rules. The first TTRPG to use the Polymorph system, Mazes is easy to learn and teach, and ready to play without a lot of prep.

Designed for episodic play, Mazes is ideal for one-shots and conventions. It's a distillation and modernization of the classic Dungeon Delve, making it a perfect introduction for those new to roleplaying, as well a great excuse for grognards to get back into the dungeon!

At character creation, each player selects one polyhedral die to represent their character, and narrates actions to the Maze Controller (MC). The MC may then request rolls against a chart of moves. Players roll their one die, comparing the outcome against the success numbers listed for each move type (a BOOTS move, for example, succeeds on rolling a 2 or 3). Success numbers vary across move types, which means different die sizes are more likely to meet with different forms of success.

By focusing on narrative over numbers, and rulings over rules, these games modernize the spirit of what we believe Fantasy Role Playing was always meant to be.

A competitor to such systems as FATE or Powered by the Apocalypse, Mazes was the winner of the IGDN BEST RULES 2020 award, and it was nominated by the public for Best Rules at the GenCon EN World RPG Awards. These accolades reflect a game system that is responsive to some of most critical goals in contemporary tabletop roleplaying design: to bring in and warmly welcome new players, while continuing to celebrate the history of the hobby, in all its debate and complexity.

This definitive hard-bound guide integrates and expands upon the original polymorph RPG, including 25% new content, 25% updated, 50% collated and collected from the previous 9 Mazes zines.

Hardcover book, 240 B&W pages.

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