Demon Lord Expansion for Twelve Years

Max Moon and Lewis Colburn

Max Moon Games

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The first expansion for use with Twelve Years!!

If you thought crowning the Lich King was a challenge, then just wait until you see the new threat imposing itself upon the known world! After the foolish experimentations of some bumbling sorcerer, The Demon Lord is summoned, usurping the Sunken Castle of the South. Assemble a party of adventurers to face the growing unholy terror. Can the party stop the spreading horror as hellmouths pock the land? 

Find all six sigils, perform the banishing ritual, or, if you are as strong as you are foolish, attempt to slay the Demon Lord outright!

The Demon Lord Expansion includes:

  • Two new archetypes, the Sorcerer and the Hunter
  • A new dungeon type, the Hellmouth
  • New event encounters
  • New magicks and more frequent magick!
  • New monsters to terrify your underground excursions
  • New friends to meet along the way, including Calp, the philosophically burdened Imp
  • A new quest, to find all six sigils
  • A quick reference zine containing all the tables
  • And, of course, a new BBEG to damn you and all your characters to an early fiery death, THE DEMON LORD.

Check out the soundtrack by Cthulugans!

WARNING the Demon Lord Expansion is not a game for people who expect to win. It is near impossible and if you do win, I want to hear about it!

The Demon Lord Expansion also integrates the Hexploring Expansion with the only minor difference being that result 11 on each encounter table swaps Dungeon + Creature for Hellmouth + Denizen.

Featuring the art of Justine Jones, Robin Harris, and Andy Webber

Layout & Graphic Design by Derek Kinsman

Written by Lewis Colburn

Game Design and Development by Max Moon

The Demon Lord Expansion comes in at 40 risograph printed pages with a riso printed black on demonic red cover and bound with black staples.

Please contact Max Moon to receive your download code after purchase.

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