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Welcome fledgling Demon to another day in eternity. 

Clock in, tempt patients, write reports, clock out. 
Does that sound like hell? 
Well, you’d be right.
Better tempt enough patients too, or “the great father below” has worse places for you to be. 
Who knows, you might even collect enough souls to get in his good books. There’s always someone above you; remember that.

You are a fledgling Demon and a recent recruit to Hell’s legion of Demonic Tempters (also known as Demonic Possessors). Your task is to guide mortals toward "the great father below” and away from “the enemy above,” securing their damnation. Demonic Tempters refer to their mortal targets as patients or marks. Like every other Demonic Tempter, your aim is to advance within the demonic ranks by collecting as many patients’ souls as possible and earning Demon-Merit Points. 

LIBER DEMONICA WE ARE LEGION (WRL) A DEMON TEMPTER'S GUIDE  is a Solo Journaling TTRPG akin to Thousand Year Old Vampire (TYOV) that includes the following:

  •  Tools of a Demonic Tempter.
  • Running a Successful Career as a Demonic Tempter.
  • Demonic Appearance Creation.
  • Demonic Common Name Generation.
  • Demonic True Name Generation.
  • Using and keeping a Demonic Ledger.
  • Obtaining Demonic Rewards and What are they?
  • Finding a Patient.
  •  Qualities of a Patient.
  • Using the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Running a Patient Session.
  • The 12 Prompts of Demonic Possession.
  •  We Are Many - A Legion of Demons (2+ Players). 
  •  Map of Hell.

In WE ARE LEGION, you use your most powerful tools, pencil and paper, to log and dictate the moves of your chosen mortals—patients. Describe their lapses in judgment as you draw them closer and closer to the pit.

Roll your dice, and use prompts to determine if they help an old lady cross the road or kill mittens, the neighbours' cat. The severity of the sin is up to the dice, and the act is yours to describe—with your wicked forked tongue.

Create your own DAMNABLE TALE/TAIL of temptation and possession as you claim mortal souls, urging them to sin. 

You will need:

  • 9 Six-sided dice (D6 for short) of 2 different colours: 3 dice to resolve prompts and rolls on tables. 6 dice to represent Possession Dice.
  • A writing utensil (quill and ink, the bloody tip of a clawed finger, etc.).
  • Paper or a notebook (this represents your Demonic Ledger in which you scrawl down your patients’ names, details, and progress).
  • Something to represent 12 Demon-Merit Points (coins, brimstone, human teeth, etc.)


"AAAAAAAAHHH MY EYES! THERE'S SCORPIONS IN MY EYES!" - 10/10, Lester, fan of the Demonic Tempters. 

"I Forkface. I fledgeling Demon. I enjoy tempting marks, and I strive to tempt as many as possible. All hail the great father below. I hail him." - 666/666, Forkface, Demonic Tempter. 


Transcribed, compiled, and edited from Conversations with Demons by ALEXEI VELLA  
Illuminated by MORTIFER.UM  
Cartography by SKULLFUNGUS 

Digest-sized saddle-stitched zine, 24 B&W pages + 1 sticker + 1 membership card 

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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