Crypts of Indormancy + PDF

Ezra Claverie

Melsonian Arts Council

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The tomb of Thuuz, Lord Nanifer, Elven General of the Western Isle, has been found. The Islanders he once exploited and terrorized would gladly hurl his bitter carcass back into the ocean. Others, hearing of an untouched crypt in the mountains, no doubt filled with all the pomp and pride of an aristocratic burial, arrive with less ideological motives for defilement.

Crypts of Indormancy is a location-based adventure possessing ecumenical compatibility with Dungeons & Dragons and its descendants. Appropriate for any number and level of players, all who enter the tomb of Thuuz without their wits ready will likely come undone. For Thuuz’s heirs did not leave his bones helpless and unguarded.

Written by: Ezra Claverie
Art and Maps by: Andrew Walter

Thread sewn hardcover, 64 pages

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Tags: 5e, Adventure, D20, Dnd, Fantasy, Rpg

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