Gabiko: The Floating Goblin Fortress

Jim Hall

Brooklet Games

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A giant floating island, crossed through with dark tunnels, is home to numerous goblins. They call their fortress Gabiko, old goblin for home. Not all is well within this home. The Goblin King is losing control over his realm to those resisting his austere rule. Meanwhile, the giant grubs who have lived here for eons need the right catalyst to drive the goblins from their ancestral home. Will you be swept into the intrigue as you seek your goal?

What is "Gabiko"?

This is a dungeon crawl filled with quirky friends and foes. It is written for Cairn by Yochai Gal and for 5e. It can be played by 3-8 player characters levels 4-6 or so.

There is an emphasis on social gameplay. We recommend discussing this with players ahead of time.


  • Weird mushroom goblins 
  • 33 rooms with NPCs 
  • 52-page, full-color zine
  • Creative social encounters  
  • Factions and story hooks 
  • Cairn/5e stats  
  • Magic items  
  • Grubs

Writing by Jim Hall & A.J. Montague
Artwork by Jim Hall, Okro, and Evlyn Moreau

5.5" x 8.5" saddle stitched zine, 52 full-color pages

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