Vortex Isles

Jim Hall and Sebastian Yūe

Brooklet Games

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You have learned the location of a great treasure, the lost hoard of legendary Captain Lolligo, who traveled the coasts long ago, violently pillaging countless towns before disappearing. The only problem: it is inside a giant whirlpool crawling with pirates.

Welcome to Vortex Isles, a pirate-filled archipelago spiraling around a gargantuan vortex that is so dangerous that only those hiding from the law have settled here. Find a crew, steal a ship, and descend into the deep unknown in search of riches.


  • 24-page color zine
  • Designed for 5e and Cairn. 3-5 players (Level 3 for 5e).
  • Point crawl through a gigantic vortex with descriptions, disturbances, and people for each location
  • Encounters on the high-sea
  • 2 keyed island dungeons to explore
  • Pirate creation tables and magic items

Writing and Illustration by Jim Hall
Writing and Editing by Sebastian Yūe

5.5" x 8.5" saddle stitched zine, 24 full-color pages

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