Viator Somniorum Oneiromancy Deck


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The Viator Somniorium (formerly named Alcheringa Oneiromancy) 52 Card Oracle Deck was written and created by Stephanie Alia with illustrations and design by Daniela Efe. The deck has been inspired by Stephanie’s experiences with dream work and healing.

This is a refined fifth-run limited print of the deck (formerly Alcheringa). The name change is to introduce the new lucid dreaming series called Viator Somniorum (Dream Traveler). In this round of printing, Stephanie chose to go back in time to the original in order to keep the decks human and eco-friendly. While this means less flair, the overall energy of the deck has that much more love and integrity. The deck comes with a 66-page in-depth guidebook. The deck itself is based on lucid dreaming experiences, astral travel, and dream themes.

52 Oracle cards, 66-page guidebook. 

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