The Emerald Tarot

Ritual Divination

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The Emerald Tarot reimagines the way we read and interpret many of the Tarot cards, asking us to challenge the assumptions of the Tarot tradition.

The deck is named after the Emerald Tablet, the philosophical work attributed to the quasi-historic, mostly mythic Hermes Trismegistus who is attributed as saying "As above, so below." The meaning of The Emerald Tablet has become synonymous with the idea of the macrocosm-microcosm relationship familiar to those who study both Astrology or Cartomancy, or many magicks in general. As a result of this, Cartomancy systems, like the Tarot, often include Astrology in its layers of interpretation and meaning.

Where previous tarot systems have many layers of interpretation, including meaning from the Bible and the Qabalah, the Tarot of the Emerald Tablet focuses simply on Astrology. This deck is intended for readers who want a more honest approach to the astrological themes in tarot without the sacrifices made for its other interpretations. Traditionally, such sacrifices appear as the association of the wand cards with the agressive fire element when the sword matches these emotions better, or The Wheel card (representing Jupiter) associated with Fire rather than the air as a sky god should.

Design: Jesse Gros-Louis
Deck Art: Nicole Raskin
Booklet Art: Ben Farnell 

Tarot-sized matte laminated cards with copper matte edging, printed on 350 gsm, high quality art paper, packed in a sturdy thick-card magnetic box with a booklet.

Tags: Magic, Tarot

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