Transmission for Them + Patch

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Six years have passed since
your lover left Earth.

Six years you’ve spent on a
ship in the quiet of Space,
trying to find them.

You sit at the edges of the Universe,
reserves low, watching life go on.

With no way home, all you can do is
send your last transmission...

Someone close to you left Earth 6 years ago and you've been searching ever since. Was it worth it? Transmission for Them is a solo journaling game about reflecting on your odyssey across the stars, the people you met, the places you went, the obstacles you faced and, of course: the reason you went, them.

To play Transmission for Them you need a standard deck of playing cards and something to write with. To make the most of this game, you’ll need to put in just enough emotional elbow grease to feel some ownership over the story. This is journey; we’re just providing you the map.  Name your character, your lover, and your ship too.

Words: Joshua Luke Cable, Samuel T. McNally, and Eryk Sawicki

Editing: Rose Bache

Art Direction: Eryk Sawicki

Illustration: Charlie Freer

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 32 pages. White ink printed on black paper, 9 cm round patch

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