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TOKEN is a game about a hero and monster circling each other in a haunted forest, offering gifts and signs of their intent—the story ends when they meet and face one another at last.

About the Game:

This one-shot, GM-less duet game is inspired by dark fairytales and folklore. “Token” refers to symbolic objects or gestures that express what words cannot—offerings, gifts, or promises of something more. Play as the Seeker, a failed hero with a haunted past, or the Dweller, once a human, now stalking the forest in their monstrous form.

TOKEN is a collaborative game Rooted in Trophy: using a rules-light, narrative-rich framework to encourage risky choices and evocative storytelling. 

TOKEN is GM-less, meaning both players take turns making rolls, describing the world to each other as their characters face challenges. 

Both characters must balance the risk of losing themselves with their drive to find the other while keeping the threats of the Forest at bay.


 "Token perfectly encapsulates what I love to see in fairy tales of a hero facing a monster: the initial mystery and fear of otherness slowly being replaced by understanding, familiarity, and empathy." 

—Jesse Ross, creator of the Trophy RPG

Creative Team:

Created by Gabriel Robinson

Featuring guest scenarios by Linda CodegaMags MaenadNoora RoseRae NedjadiPam Punzalan, and Michael Van Vleet

Art by Ezra Rose and Madeleine Ember

Layout by Cathode Youth


74 pages, perfect bound, black & white cover, and interior.

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