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Float down the sewer river of the dreamlands with Through Ultan’s Door double issue 3. This issue presents a pointcrawl along a sewer river of the dreamlands that connects the dungeons from issues 1 & 2 with 7 new locations. It introduces an entire settlement, the Sanitarium of the Benefactors, and numerous factions including the sewer wyrm Cephaia, Prophetess of the Muddled Waters; her rival the Cranemay, melancholy fey witch; and the Lurid Toads, ominously polite cannibalistic parasites. Complete with a giant dreamy sewer encounter table, and rules for playing your very own opium dreaming wizard! It is illustrated more lushly than ever, with over 30 gorgeous illustrations by Huargo, Orphicss, Gus, Daria Khlebnikova, Johan Tieldow, Jeremy Duncan, and David Hoskins.

The physical zine is printed on deluxe French Paper Co. paper. This double issue comes with two zines, each with detachable cardstock covers with maps and two separate encounter card so that you can sit right down and play. It is written for characters of 1-4 level in Advanced Labyrinth Lord but is easily usable with any older edition of D&D or their retro-clones.

Content Warning: Note that this issue is intended for mature audiences. It contains drug use and references death by drug overdose. It has rules for diseases of the dreamlands. The Sanitarium is a cruel place, with echoes the concentration camps and psychiatric institutions of the mid 20th Century. Although not without resistance and hope, it features the oppression of disabled people.

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