The Valley of Flowers

Jedediah Berry and Andrew McAlpine

Phantom Mill Games

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The Valley of Flowers is a fantasy campaign setting of mythic adventure designed for use with old-school tabletop role-playing games. Inspired by Arthurian literature and weird fiction, the book features 144 full-color pages of succinct yet vivid descriptions of locations, encounters, characters, rumors, and adventure sites.

With an original system of Oaths and Quests, you can set your players loose in Gnolune, the Valley of Flowers, and let them explore every strange and treacherous corner of the province, from the monster-haunted wilds of the Gnarl to the hundred towers of river-bound Cimbrine.

  • Five distinct regions, each with its own encounter tables and sites of interest.
  • Five dungeon locations, including The Godsloshed Abbey, The Prison of Sir Thibauld, and The Perfumed Tomb of the Necropoet.
  • About a dozen additional adventure sites, including The Shadow Farm, The Ignoble Court, and The Hungry Amphitheater.
  • A guide to the capital city of Cimbrine.
  • VTT-ready province, city, and dungeon maps.
  • Numerous factions and powerful beings for the PCs to challenge, serve, or sabotage, from the decadent Silvered Nobles to a reawakened god of revelry and drunkenness.
  • Uncanny monsters, wily NPCs, and arcane relics aplenty.
  • Stats for Old-School Essentials and Cairn.
  • An original system of Oaths & Quests to get your characters more deeply enmeshed in the strange and exhilarating world of Wildendrem.
Written and designed by Jedediah Berry & Andrew McAlpine
Edited by Emily R. Houk
Cover illustration by Kathleen Jennings
Interior illustrations by Pamela Acosta, Theo Black, Ian Reed, Andrew McAlpine, Perplexing Ruins, and Evangeline Gallagher

6" x 9" hardcover | 144 full-color pages + Double-sided map

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