Jedediah Berry and Andrew McAlpine

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Psychographia is a cooperative play-by-mail game of deduction for two players. As psychics in desperate trouble, you will reach out to each other with messages encoded in the pages of old books, magazines, and other literary flotsam. The goal? To help your partner guess your dire secrets. Your chances? Not promising.

You are not entirely powerless, however. By using your psychic abilities you can manipulate your pages in creative and dramatic ways:

  • Fold, tear, and crush your text with psychokinesis
  • Materialize new words from the bones of the old
  • Negate words on a page, erasing them from existence
  • Burn the page with your psychic rage (DO NOT DO THIS)    
  • And more!

The clock is ticking, and your enemies are everywhere. Can you free each other in time? Or will you be lost forever?

To play, you’ll each need a text you feel comfortable destroying, as well as stamps and envelopes (or a phone with a camera, if you choose to embrace the digital moment).   

A game by Jedediah Berry and Andrew McAlpine
Illustrated by Andrew Cothren

6-Panel Brochure + Time Tracker Card | 2 Players

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