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On the eve of your final exam at Brackroot Academy, what mysteries, secrets, horrors, and drama will you recall from your last four years of schooling?


Tangled Blessings is a solo journaling or two-player RPG inspired by dark academia media, ghost stories, and graduate school. Featuring a wizarding college, wandering specters, assigned houses, curses, devils’ bargains, and more supernatural flavor, Tangled Blessings blends horror and the fantastical to help players craft a story that spans their time at the academy — culminating in one final showdown against their rival.


About the game:

Tangled Blessings only requires a deck of Tarot Cards and a way to record the story. Based on the ENnie-nominated Anamnesis game system by Sam Leigh, players first draw from the Tarot deck to discover who of 22 possible rivals will shadow their time at the academy. In two-player games, players rival each other, working together to unravel their shared and complicated history at the academy shrouded in darkness.

The game contains over 60 thought-provoking prompts to guide players through their academic careers, as well as sections that cover what goes on during summer break. While designed to be finished in one sitting, there are natural pauses in between school years that make playing the game across multiple sessions seamless. Players don’t have to track stats, health, or spell slots.
Writing and Art by Cassi Mothwin
House Crest Art by Claire Wenzel
Photographs by Ziopliukas
Editing by Erin Bowen

68 pages, digest size, saddle-stitched zine, color cover with B&W interior. 

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