Sundered Sundries

J. Flaccavento and

R. Hatt

Bleak Horizons Press

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Mind shattered by the awful revelations contained in your sweat-warped copy of ALL MUST BOW, you stagger about in confusion! The thought of more dark inspiration for tabletop villainy makes your knees buckle - yet you must have more! You cannot be satisfied! Cannot be stopped! Oh gods - YOU MUST HAVE MORE! 

It's all right here - behold! The latest in cosmic entropy storytelling prompts and nightmare fuel: Sundered Sundries, the follow-up to ALL MUST BOW, your favorite system-agnostic cosmic horror TTRPG setting.

Imprisoned in these trembling pages, you'll find: ancient god-monsters to drive your player-characters to unholy glory; an unfortunate antagonist they might encounter out in the leaden gloom of space; profiles of more of the unlucky species that people the hostile universe, and ideas on how to run AMB in even more popular rpg rulesets!


But what exactly are you witnessing,  flopping mucous-smeared and rude in the black net of Sundered Sundries? 

  • THE FECKLESS CONSPIRACIST - Disguised as an 8.5" X 11" tri-fold pamphlet, this seemingly harmless document describes the profile of an abhorrent antagonist and his self-replicating manifesto that AMB player-characters might encounter. Friend? Foe? Food? It's hard to say.
  • SEVEN NEW DREADFUL ANCIENT THINGS - That's right! Seven more Dreadful Ancient Things to inflict on the unfortunate universe! These are the custom DATs unlocked by high-tier AMB backers, now collected in one hideous place as 5" x 7" black and white cards. 
  • BORN TO DIE: CREATURES of CHAOS - A  5.5" X 8.5" mini-zine detailing the habits and habitats of three more sample species that might be found in your AMB campaign complete with full-page art from several incomparable illustrators. This will expand to five more species if we make our stretch goals.

Writing & Editing: Joshua Flaccavento and Ryan Hatt
Layout and Design: Ryan Hatt
Artwork: Ryan Hatt, J.N. Butler, David Hoskins, Alex CF, and Valerie Herron

A dark zine covered in luminous tentacles, a spread of cards featuring goetic seals and descriptions of ancient god-monsters, and a tri-fold pamphlet reading 'The Feckless Conspiracist'.

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