J. Flaccavento,

R. Hatt and W. Monster

Bleak Horizons Press

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Here at Purposful Endeavors™ your total health is our passion. We bring together physical, emotional, and spiritual health through the offerings of our Transformative Health Centers and our whole food-based natural life and wellness meal alternatives and supplements. Join us and find your true purpose!

SUBTLE ROT is an adventure module for the ALL MUST BOW cosmic horror roleplaying setting. Inside, you will find everything you need for your Champions to investigate, infiltrate eliminate, or assimilate the mycological madness that hides behind the facade of Purposeful Endeavors. It includes:

  • details on a Dreadful Ancient Thing ever looking to infect, expand, and subsume
  • a profile of its cult, thinly veiled behind a total wellness corporation
  • maps of its flagship center and off-world "processing" facility

Originally designed for use with Mothership 1e rules, Subtle Rot is easily adaptable for many other roleplaying systems.

Writing & Editing: Joshua Flaccavento, Ryan Hatt, and Wandering Monster
Layout & Design: Ryan Hatt
Art: JN Butler & Morgan Robles

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 32 B&W pages.

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