Strollplaying Field Notes Zine Pack

Strollplaying Field Notes Zine Pack

Seb Pines

Good Luck Press

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Stroll・play・ing game [noun]: a small roleplaying game that one can play while out on a walk.

The Strollplaying Games Trio Pack includes three small single-player games in field notes style journals for you to carry in a pocket or keep in a bag so you can play a small game while you are out. Each 24-page journal includes the rules text to play each game along with plenty of blank pages to write and draw your game experience directly into the journal. Bring a pen or pencil on your walk with the journals and no other tools are needed to play.

How To Make A Ghost Story ➢ guided narrative game for telling ghost stories. It's all in the name, in seven small steps build up a haunted history of a particularly interesting looking landmark, invent the ghost haunting it, and populate the history of those who’ve been haunted.

A New Landscape ➢ a guided drawing and map-making experience. Take inspiration from real-life landmarks and draw them into your journal. Take those landmarks and assign them to a location on a map to build out a small fantasy island. Design a new world from the one around you.

Reclaim ➢ a guided drawing exercise of when plants take over. Find interesting examples of architecture and sketch in the zine what those buildings would look like when being taken over by nature. Plants that climb, crawl, cower and more will spread out over the old buildings, bathing the world in blankets and curtains of green.

Take a walk and take a game with you, you won’t view your neighborhood the same way after.

3 3.5" x 5.5" game notebooks, 24 pages per notebook

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