Runecairn: Beneath the Broken Sword + PDF

Runecairn: Beneath the Broken Sword + PDF

Colin Le Sueur

By Odin's Beard

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You are an adventurer, lost and adrift. You must navigate the Cave of Echoes, retrieve your weapons and equipment, acquire your mead flask, and overcome the stone demon to escape further into the Nine Realms.

Beneath the Broken Sword is an introductory dungeon crawl adventure for Norse fantasy TTRPG Runecairn

The adventure eases the player into the unique mechanics of Runecairn, such as bonfires, the mead flask, weapon skills, and respawning enemies.

 A5, 12 pages, stapled black and white illustrations

  • 12 dungeon rooms
  • 1 new monster, the stone demon

Designed for two players, one warden and one adventurer.

Requires Runecairn: Core Rules

Also offered as part of the RUNECAIRN Bundle. 

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