Ruination Pilgrimage

Donn Stroud and Adam B. Forman

Psychoda Press

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A role-playing game of Damnation and Redemption

Ruination Pilgrimage is a Panic Engine Game of horror, plague, warfare, and demons set in a medieval age. Within this book are rules, light setting hints, and many tables filled with the information to run long campaigns or one-off sessions. 

There are five playable classes: Fighter, Priest, Merchant, Scholar, or Laborer. Multiple tables are used to generate previous jobs with skills and stat bumps, histories, random starting kits, and a vice. Vices are leveraged at certain times in the game and interact with the Panic Engine introduced in the Mothership: Sci-fi Horror RPG by Tuesday Knight Games. 

Percentile dice are used to attempt actions with success and failures depending on if the dice result are below or above the Attribute Score or Save. 

Sorrow is acumulated on failed rolls and demonic enounters. If enough Sorrow builds up, characters may Despair and find themselves in worse situations! 

Play as a Fighter trained in either archery or arms, Merchants with their fast-talking and deal-making persuasiveness, Scholars who are highly trained in the sciences and arts, the Clergy who are able to invoke angels and utter nearly magical prayers, and lastly the Laborer who toil and create the tools used in every day life and the never-ending war with the legions of demons.

Writing and Layout: Donn Stroud
Art: Adam B. Forman
Development: Christian Sorrell & Benjamin Kenelos
Weapon Illustrations: Francesco Accordi
Cartography: Fernando Salvaterra
Copy Editing: Rachel Sprovtsoff, Mark Donkers, and Jarrett Crader

A5 zine, 60 pages.
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