Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion

Donn Stroud

Psychoda Press

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Have you ever wanted to add weird religious elements to your game? Have you wanted to add strange heralds of the gods who appear dramatically to guide and boss your PCs around? Have you wished for more gods than offered in other books, wanted to create your own, or just add a little flourish to the gods you already know? This book can help with all this and more.

Gods, goddesses, and their clerics have been part of classic role-playing games for decades. The Lesser Key to the Celestial Host is a supplement that adds religious depth to your home RPG campaign. First and foremost, this book is a collection of tables used to generate messengers of the gods...but it doesn't stop there. Further chapters are strongly supported with content for generating ways to observe a religion, relics, reliquaries, other duties of a cleric, and how to grow and maintain a religion.  

Art by :Wayne Snyder, Dan Domme, Jayna Pavlin, Craig Brasco, Adam B Forman, Sam Stroud, Stefan Poag, and Sean McCoy

32 pages, A5 softcover book, black & white cover and interior.

Tags: Dcc, Rpg, Supplemental

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