Bestiary of Ruination

Donn Stroud and Adam B. Forman

Psychoda Press

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A Bestiary of Ruination is for use with Ruination Pilgrimage. It contains stats and descriptions of animals, human adversaries, minor demons, Horsemen of Vice/Betrayers, ghosts, and possessed corporeal undead. 

Entries generally have short description and a stat block:

C = Combat
Type of damage X N DMG
AP = Armor Protection
I = Instinct
W = Wounds and (Health)
ES = Exorcism Successes
Many of the demon entries have tables to add variety and flavor to the main adversary in the world of Ruination Pilgrimage. 

Writing and Layout: Donn Stroud
Art: Adam B. Forman
Development: Christian Sorrell & Benjamin Kanelos
Copy Editing: Rachel Sprovtsoff, Mark Donkers, and Jarrett Crader

A5 zine, 24 color pages.
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