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Chris Sellers

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You are a raccoon: a chittering, baggy-pants, ring-tailed burglar. You and your friends have built an implausible floating ship in the junkyard, and tonight you'll fly it across town to the suburbs in search of better trash.

Together, you'll navigate the treacherous neighborhoods, find a ripe, free-standing house with cable internet, steal as much as you can carry, and fend off the Neighborhood Watch—all while trying not to explode. In Raccoon Sky Pirates, it's all for one and one for all.

Flying a ship takes coordination and discipline. Unfortunately, you're a bunch of raccoons.

A game for 3–6 players

"Raccoon Sky Pirates is delightfully off-kilter! It knows exactly the experience it is promising, and it delivers. Pilot a janky-ass flying trash barge! Panic and make terrible choices! Steal a shiny toaster! This is madcap fun." —Avery Alder, author of Monsterhearts, Dream Askew, and The Quiet Year


Raccoon Sky Pirates is a tabletop role-playing game for 3 to 6 players that takes about three hours to play. Take to the skies, loot a suburban home of all the trash you can carry, and escape into the night while trying to keep your ship from exploding.

  • Pick your raccoon or other trash animal—possums, rats, pigeons, and roaches are all available.
  • Design your gorgeous, rattletrap flying ship.
  • Roll to see what you do, then narrate a moment based on your roll.
  • Play Complications Cards to rescue a disastrous moment—but watch out, you’re asking for trouble in the future.
  • Watch the Disaster Track tick up in the house and on the ship.
  • In five clearly defined scenes, fly to the suburbs, get into the house, steal everything you can, fly back to the junkyard, and divvy up the loot.

In this boxed set you will find:

  • the 56-page zine, full of whimsical drawings in lavish black and white
  • the Deck of Complications, ready to throw a wrench into the works
  • a bonus 12-sided raccoon die, with a raccoon face on the 12

…all shipped in a handsome white box with the zine’s front cover printed on it.

The deck and the die come individually wrapped in recycled brown paper, so they’ll make the trip to you safely.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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