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We live and work above layers and layers of history, of art, of culture often unknown to us. Sandwiched in between the remnants of bloody wars are the relics of a peaceful stretch of history. The architectural prowess of one civilization gives way to the simple construction of homes as technology is lost. Traditions get passed down, changing through time as one group passes them on to the next. These form a palimpsest of history, diverse layers hiding beneath the surface we see every day.

Palimpsest is a game about creating and discovering the development of civilizations across thousands of years, and understanding how one led to the other. You and a few others will be collaboratively creating concepts for civilizations, taking on Lenses of them, explaining how they faded, how they came to be, and how ideas get re-contextualized from one to the next.

You'll be connecting these civilizations to each other by leaving behind artifacts, relics, traditions, and ideas for the next civilization, and building subsequent civilizations based on what you leave behind.

Palimpsest is a 28-page full-color book, based on “I’m Sorry Did You Say Street Magic” by Caro Asercion

Cover art by Madeleine Ember

What you need to play:
• 3-5 people
• Some paper or index cards
• Something to write with
• A few hours

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