O Morningstar!

Jaime O'Duibhir

Far Horizons Co-Op

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Morningstar: Heaven’s most cherished angel and leader of all worship. A radiant being of beauty and charm. Morningstar refused to bow to anyone except God Itself, but when God commanded Morningstar to be a servant to humanity, it was an affront to everything they believed in. Doomed from the beginning, humanity had been set up to fail. Morningstar had been merely a pawn in blackmailing humanity to serve God.

O, Morningstar! is a freeform, 1+ player storytelling game where players are cast as rebellious hosts of hell: angels (or perhaps demons, depending on who you ask) set on rebellion against the tyranny of heaven. Players draw cards from a standard playing card deck and are transported to different scenes across human and celestial history, each one a pivotal moment in the universal struggle against oppression. Each player’s host has their own unique personality and goals, and play continues across space and time until all players have met their goals (or the deck runs out.)

Note: Morningstar has no need for whiny tryhards. This isn't your excuse to roleplay as an edgelord. ACAB, Black Lives Matter, Free Palestine, Land Back, No Borders For Empires, and Solidarity Forever. If that bothers you, Morningstar was never for you.

The content warnings for this game include: revolutionary violence, historical atrocities, reference to contentious historical moments, and political repression.

Designer: Jaime O'Duibhir
Editor: Reilly Qyote
Proofreader: Megan "Nezumi" Grieve
Illustration: Carly A-F
Layout: Aven McConnaughey

20 page, A5 saddle-stitch zine, color cover with gold foil accents, black and white interior. Printed by Tabletop Hotdish.

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