MALL KIDS: More Malls, More Kids + PDF

Matthew Gravelyn

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Mall Kids: More Malls, More Kids is a major expansion to Mall Kids, including new options for teens and malls, new scenarios, and new modules that change the game rules and objectives. Stay one step ahead of mall security, experience different seasons at the mall, or spend the night in a spooky mall! All of this content can be mixed and matched to create your unique game and can be combined with all previous Mall Kids content. Expansion includes: 

  • Secret Shopper - work to discover the secret shopper before they find you
  • F&$K the Police - be teens, do crimes
  • Spooky Mall - explore a haunted mall at night, if you dare
  • Many Months of Mall - seasonal mall fun by Olivia Adams 
  • Massive Mall - an epic quest in an epic mall by Kaitlin Bruder 
  • Abandoned Mall - an emotional homecoming for grown-up teens
  • Ever Upwards - a dystopian future mall by Ben Doran 
  • Mall at the End of the World - capitalism during the collapse by Erin Perry 

This expansion requires Mall Kids to play. 

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B&W A5 zine, 26 stapled pages. 

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