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You are a teen employee at the local mall. You struggle between wanting to earn a paycheck and sticking it to The Man. It is the space between that you will explore. 

You won't be fighting monsters (probably) or saving captured royalty (most likely) but you will be interacting with your friends to collaboratively tell a story about how rebellious teens deal with the brute force of consumer-based capitalism.

Mall Kids is a storytelling game for 2-6 players (there's no GM) and is intended to be played in a single 2- to 4-hour session. You can come back to your characters for another adventure, creating a sort of campaign-style of play, but there is no experience, leveling, or any of that business. 

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Written by Matthew Gravelyn.
Art for Mall Kids was done by Kaitlin Bruder.
Additional content by Aabria Iyengar, Travis Hill, Lauren McManamon, Jesse Ross, and Sean Richer.
Safety guidance by Lauren McManon.
Editing and proofreading by Che' Gravelyn.

The talented Sam Leigh has created a bitchin' playlist for Mall Kids that you can listen to during your games. It features tunes from all types of teens and even some tracks you might hear over the mall PA. Listen to it here

Mall Kids is based on the format of Honey Heist by Grant Howitt.

B&W A5 zine, 22 stapled pages. 

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