Horseshoe Academy

9th Level Games

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Roleplay as magical horses at an AWESOME boarding school!

Ever since you were a foal you've dreamed of HORSESHOE ACADEMY. A magical school for horses, full of mystery books, exciting sports, and hopefully, your new best friends. You finally get the chance to get there!

The fall semester is starting, and you’re a bright horse who’s left home to attend Horseshoe Academy. This castle-like institute at the edge of Hippolonia is where you’ll learn spells, make friends, and find your place in Awesome World.

Choose your horse lineage — will you be a flighty pegasus? Or maybe a hardy mustang? Then braid friendship bangles into your stablemates' flowing manes. Best friends forever! Or at least until there's drama in the herd...

Powered by polymorph™ and compatible with The Excellents!

Game by Nat Mesnard and Pat Watson
Art by Tina Bongorno
Produced and Edited by Adriel Lee Wilson
Additional Editing by Graham Sternberg
Layout and Art Direction by Chris O'Neill

4" x 6" Book Includes:

  • Character Creation
  • Character Sheet
  • 2 Example Adventures
  • 5 Example Horses
  • GM Guide
  • Everything you need to play a game of Horseshoe Academy!

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