The Excellents

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You've earned a sword!
You've won a crown!
Now you have a responsibility to help keep Awesome World awesome and safe! Are you PRINCESS enough?!

A tabletop roleplaying game where you play as Excellent Princesses in an AWESOME cartoon world. 

Each cartoon adventure is created by the players and Game Mistress working together. Great for a one session pickup game or entire campaign. 

This game runs on the Polymorph system! Easy to teach and easy to learn, this delightful modern tabletop ruleset will get you roleplaying fast. 

Each player only ever uses ONE polyhedral die: a d4, a d6, a d8, or a d10. Each die represents a different character “role” in the group. Whenever a player asks “can I do something?” they roll their die and with a quick glance at a resolution matrix, know if they succeed. 

The book contains everything you need to play except polyhedral dice and some friends. Includes two adventure scripts and five Excellent Princesses that are ready to rock! Did we mention these Princesses are in a band?!

  • 4" x 6" Book Includes:

    • Character Creation
    • Character Sheet
    • 2 Example Adventures
    • 5 Example Princesses
    • GM Guide
    • Everything you need to play a game of The Excellents!

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