Good Friends, Bad Manors

Good Friends, Bad Manors

Margaret Killjoy and Inmn Neruin

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness

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Good Friends, Bad Manors is an introductory adventure set in the world of Harrow for the game Penumbra City. The Corsorians and Outsiders have made an incredible discovery in the Undercity that they’re presenting on at the newly re-opened pie shop, The Blood Pit. Unfortunately for the players, their characters need to get out of town and lie low for a while. Luckily everyone’s favorite lordling, Trin Holmalas, is looking for an escort to their family’s manor in the war-torn countryside of Athe. Venture out into the world beyond Penumbra City from where tales of the mysterious Beasts of Hirn have filled the tabloids.

This self-contained adventure contains everything a gaming group needs to embark upon their first adventure, assuming they have access to the Penumbra City core rulebook for game rules, mechanics, and building characters. The adventure is written with a new game master in mind and provides helpful tips for roleplaying characters, starting the adventure, getting the action moving, and collaboratively telling a fun story.

The adventure is designed as an introductory adventure for groups trying to ease into the world and mechanics of Penumbra City, but is also a great adventure for seasoned groups to play as a one-shot or to be inserted in an on-going campaign. The adventure is designed for 3-5 level 1 characters and can be played in 2-3 game sessions.

This adventure contains:

  • 4 new illustrations by Robin Savage

  • 8 NPC descriptions

  • 1 Lordling NPC Ally stat block

  • 2 new NPC stat blocks

  • 2 Altered NPC-specific stat blocks

Written by Inmn Neruin and Margaret Killjoy.
The cover is illustrated by Robin Savage.

Beautifully printed by Eberhardt Press, Good Friends, Bad Manors is 53 pages bound as an 8.5”x5.5” zine with a cardstock cover.

Tags: Adventure

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