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GLIDE is a solo (and cooperative) sci-fi tabletop RPG adventure game inspired by the world of Frank Herbert's Dune

Players take the role of a Seeker; a member of a collective group of nomads, traders, ecologists, and hopefuls that have come together with the common goals of rebuilding the planet Eridoor. Seekers navigate the desert wastes for scrap left behind by the Great Houses of before, in hopes that they will one day contribute to the restoration of the planet's past beauty and splendor.

As you explore everything GLIDE has to offer, you will acquire Fame, which ultimately leads to the end of the game. How you earn Fame is up to you, with many different pathways depending on your playstyle. Want to explore your world even further? GLIDE offers rules for returning to your version of Eridoor with a new character to continue on a map that you enjoy.

The Game

GLIDE makes use of a unique dice rolling system for skill tests. Players will increase one of three stats (Hardy, Knowledgeable, and Resourceful) to increase their chance of success when Exploring or Encountering in the world. Locations each have levels, from 1 to 3, which dictate the number of six-sided dice (d6) to roll. Roll a number equal to or less than your chosen stat to use for the skill test to gain a success. Gain enough successes and you will be rewarded! If you cannot complete a skill test, you may always return at a later time to try again.

At its core, GLIDE is about exploring and revealing the desert around them. Players will reveal new locations on their map, which  provide opportunities to adventure outward from settlements and find resources to sell, or contribute to one of the Guilds. Games can vary in length, averaging 1 hour for a short game, and 3 hours for a long game. The longer you stay in the world of GLIDE, the more you will reveal and discover. You do not need to see everything in one play session as GLIDE is easily saved by recording a few bits of info before tucking it away.

The World of Eridoor

A long time ago, the green lushness of Eridoor stood as the prize jewel to many Great Houses. Over many centuries of exploitation from the Great Houses, Eridoor began to dry up, becoming a barren and sandy husk of its once beautiful self.

You will explore this planet and the secrets it may still have hidden.

What's in the Core Rules?

  • Rules for creating (a) character/s and selecting a background to suit your starting position in the world
  • Guides on all the actions you can take in game, from revealing unique locations to exploring ruins and collecting scrap
  • Map creation rules, references, and tables galore
  • Upgrades to customize your character and Glider to suit your playstyle
  • Multiple Guilds to choose from and quest lines to pursue including building a relic museum and racing Gliders (the hover-bikes)
  • Plenty of illustrations from Emiel Boven, bringing the world of Glide to life
  • A simple companion system that provides additional benefits and routes to success for some characters

Writing, Game Design, and Layout: Cody Barr
Art: Emiel Boven, Evlyn Moreau, and Perplexing Ruins
Editing: Carolyn Yee

A5 softcover book, 80 B&W pages.
*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

Tags: Desert, Scifi, Solo

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