False Prophecies

Desolation Plains

Old Stories

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1. Wax Castle
2. Roman Wall
3. Halberd of Doom
4. Forged in Frost
5. Knife River
6. Pale Moon Shine Thy Light Upon the Eternal Dais
7. Unholy Prowess
8. Orcish Lumberjack Camp
9. Finale 
10. Merry Prairie - Welcome Freya

False Prophecies is a collection of dungeon synth and dark ambient tracks found along the wayside of the hero's journey to the Sword of Hailstone.

Performed (mostly) on a Yamaha DX21 and a Moog Grandmother.
Released September 3, 2021

A yellow cassette recorded on both sides.
A full-color maltese case that includes a full TTRPG hex crawl based on the SWORD OF HAILSTONE CRPG game experience.

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