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As a stalker, you're used to danger.


Between space-time paradoxes, high radiation, mutated monstrosities roaming around, and rival stalkers, death lurks at every corner. But today, on top of the usual threats you face every time you set foot inside the Exclusion Zone, you are struck by an unknown kind of terror...

You are lost.
And you don't know who you are anymore...

The only thing you remember is that you're a stalker, out on a job. The inscrutable forces ruling over the Zone have swallowed everything else... Will you be able to retrieve your fragmented memories, disseminated through the Zone, and piece them together?

And even if you do, will you make it out of the Exclusion Zone alive?


About the game:

Escape the Zone is a solo TTRPG inspired by Roadside Picnic, Stalker, and the Metro series. It has a proprietary ruleset, a lightning-fast character creation system and multiple endings. Of course, it's incredibly deadly! (Don't worry, though, there are options to make the game easier if you're tired of losing!) It also features alternate endings, random generator tables to create your own adventures, a progression system, and an incredibly evocative layout by Brian Shutter, of Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland fame.

The Team:

Created by Martin Ouellet
Layout by Brian Shutter

40 pages, digest-sized (5.5 " x 8.5"), saddle-stitched zine, color cover, B&W throughout.  

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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