Perplexing Ruins

Perplexing Ruins

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An other realm adventure for Cairn.

Demonsbane is a hexcrawl set in a strange, fantastical realm where Fungal Folk and Mineral Shambler giants and Rat Folk move about. Includes numerous site/dungeon maps, treasure, and some NPC illustrations. There are some portals, shards that need to be collected to once again banish Xoxyl the Former-Wizard Lich whose dragon is trying to break into the world from a sky portal to free him.

There is a town to seek some rest. There are minor treasures, plant life to collect, a weather table, a fairly long bestiary. There is a lot of pink.

This would make for a good few sessions if your party gets transported to another dimension via portal or some other nefarious magics.

Includes illustrations by Brooklet Games, Ramón Perales Cano, and Perplexing Ruins.

Uses the Random Adventure Title Generator by Chris Bissette to generate titles throughout.

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