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The bloodier it is, the better it sells.  

You have the details of the death of a John Doe and the contents of their pockets, now it’s time to pick through the remnants for just enough facts to count as truth so you can sensationalize the rest. Find connections between the personal effects and the details of their death to create a story out of this nobody that will leave readers wanting more.

Deadline is a game for one or more morally bankrupt tabloid writers.

Deadline contains 6 cases of unknown victims, strange circumstances around their deaths, and the few personal effects they've left behind. It's up to you to write their endings.

  • Game for 1+ players of journalistic debauchery
  • 6 cases ready to be reported on

Designed and written by Seb Pines
Editing and layout by Will Jobst

Half-letter-sized zine, 20 B&W pages.
*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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