Crime-Fighting Luchadores

Headcheese Productions

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Crime-Fighting Luchadores is a rules-light, fun-heavy Table Top Role-Playing Game that's a love letter to El Santo, Batman '66, Ultraman, Scooby-Doo, The Venture Bros, Hellboy and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto!

Playing as a group of super-powered masked vigilante wrestlers, you will have to investigate the presence of nearby monsters, supervillains, and other evil-doers, hunt them down, and pin them to the mat... at least until the next episode!

Character creation is lightning-fast, allowing you to get in the ring in 10 minutes or less! Pit your lucha libre heroes against classic monsters from your favorite comic books, movies, novels and video games! Don't forget to add a fair dose of psychedelism and a generous serving of cheese on top.

Design your own epic one-shot episodes using the many random table generators provided in the book as inspiration or play in serial mode, where you can improve your luchadors after memorable victories!

Writing: Headcheese
Art by:  Evlyn Moreau 
Layout: Brian Shutter

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 60 B&W pages.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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