Warped Beyond Recognition



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Explore a spaceship, hunt down psychics, learn the secrets of their powers, descend into madness.

Warped Beyond Recognition is a new module for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG in which players explore a research vessel in deep space, uncover the site of a terrible series of experiments, and discover their ultimate purpose — if the test subjects don’t get to them first!

Warped Beyond Recognition is the first Mothership module from Quadra, featuring the Mothership community’s favorite house rules and various tools for Wardens to streamline and spice up their games.

[Warped Beyond Recognition] is THE Mothership project I’ve been waiting for since we first came out with Mothership. One of my all time favorite adventures. I cannot recommend this highly enough!”
– Sean McCoy, Creator of Mothership RPG

I am inspired and awed by Warped Beyond Recognition’s tremendous good-idea density, ingenious approach to NPCs-as-puzzles and elegant information design.”
Ian Yusem, Creator of HULL BREACH and Picket Line Tango

Design, writing, art, and layout by Quadra
Edited by Fiona Maeve Geist

A5 zine, 28 black, white, and red pages.

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