Underground Cities: Mapping the Tunnels, Transits and Networks Underneath our Feet

Mark Ovenden

Frances Lincoln

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Just how deep do the tunnels go? Where do the sewers, bunkers, and postal trains run? And, how many tunnels are there under our streets? 

This is the story of the tunnels, sewers, bunkers, subway stations, and networks that lie deep beneath the earth. Utilizing a combination of geography, cartography, and historical oddities, author Mark Ovenden delights in the strange beauty of the subterranean realm.  After seeing the reality Underground Cities presents a ‘skyline of the underground’ via cut-away illustrations, you'll look at the ground not as the bottom but as a midpoint between two different realities.

Walking around most cities in the twenty-first century, people’s feet are highly likely to be falling on top of a lot more than the pavement. If it were possible to neatly peel away the soil, among the worms and moles would be found a messy, yet mesmerizing mix of cable ducts, utility pipes, drainage channels, cellars, crypts, wells, tunnels, subways, and foundations of older buildings. In the longer established cities, we are quite literally standing upon the shoulders of giants of civilizations past.

9.9" x 11.8" Hardcover book, 224 pages.

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