The Choir

Evlyn Moreau, Lett Morrison and Casey Jones

Mobile Hut

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"In the dirty streets of Schleswig, Milja of House Faran has gone missing. Witnesses claim to have seen her in The Choir - a district known for its countless statues of singing angels... and for the ghost of their sculptor who supposedly haunts its twisted streets. House Faran has offered a reward to anyone who can bring Milja back to them, but things are always more complicated than they first appear..." 

The Choir is an 8-page adventure for MÖRK BORG set in the city of Schleswig. A short investigation followed by a 6 room dungeon playable in one to three sessions. It starts with a ghost story but ends with a strange muse and a forest made of blood.

Content warning: violence, cruelty, misery, homelessness, diseases, blood.

Adventure Design: Evlyn Moreau and Lett Morrison
Editing and Layout: Casey Jones
Cover: Roxanne B and Lett Morrison
Map: Lett Morrison
Illustrations: Evlyn Moreau and Casey Jones

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 8 B&W pages.

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