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A role-playing game for two

Nothing ever happens in this forgotten town. Every day is as predictable as the last, dragging on into eternity. And that made it even more strange when you happened upon the journal. It may have been hidden by the decaying foliage of last season on the forest floor, washed up on the shore of the stream that leads into the old cave outside of town, or even perched among the rafters of the old abandoned barn behind the high school, but wherever it was that you spotted it, it drew you in.

Tether is a role-playing game for two players. Tether is played through the process of writing journal entries. Each player will take on the role of a character living in the same rural town, during different time periods. The two characters are connected by a journal known as The Tether which allows them to write notes to each other through time. The two players (and characters) will work together to discover the secrets of an ancient being that haunts the town. Players will take turns drawing a card from a deck that is associated with a prompt, then using that prompt to write a journal entry. Over the course of 16 entries, the two will play out a story of suspense, horror, and possibly triumph.

Written by Adam Baffoni
Cover art by Amanda Kahl
Layout by MV

A5, saddle-stitched zine, 12 B&W pages.

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Tags: Journaling, Rpg, Zine

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