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Tales of the Glass Gnomes is a journey inside the mythical mineshaft of the Glass Gnomes, a recluse community of glassblowers hidden in the desert.

Presented as a lore zine/journal, the publication contains the story of this unique gnome society, many drawings and descriptions of their inventions, an insider's look of their mine, and even a few of their secret glass formulas. All of this is seen through the joyful perspective of the famous bard Nolet Coudfoudre. 

  • Includes The Salamander and the Genie, the myth behind the ascent of the Glass Gnomes.
  • An insider's look of the mineshaft, with a description of their mighty glass forge, the magnificent lantern hall, their astronomy lab, and the dangerous black jade vein.
  • Presentations of the most illustrious gnomes that lived within the settlement.
  • 4 Troika background for your next strange adventure. 
  • 8 unconventional inventions and legendary artifacts with their descriptions.
  •  4 glass formulas that infuse magical or optical properties to their objects.
  • A table of hooks and stories to guide your player on a journey down the mine
  • Many threats and wildlife beasts living around the clan's den.

This zine is intended to be used with TTRPG systems such as Troika, Knave, Whitehack, or D&D to name a few. 

Drawings by Perplexing Ruins and Nolet Coudfoudre

A5 staple-bound zine, 28 pages, A3 map.

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