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Jack Milton

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Their Snikittyness the Goblin ruler has a mighty need and it's up to you (and a couple of friends) to see that it is met!

Stacks of Goblins is a comedy roleplaying game for 2+ players where you play one Goblin in a stack. Each position in the stack has different responsibilities and abilities, but you will be shuffling and changing places throughout the game.

Your goal is to infiltrate the People Places and collect items for yourself and the Goblin King. 

Strap in for a game of chaos, comedy, and shenanigans!

To play you will need:

At least 2 goblins (players)
A 12 sided dice (D12) for the goblin on top
An 8 Sided Dice (D8) for the goblin at the bottom A 10 sided dice (D10) for each additional goblin
20 items (preferably pretty ones) for use as tokens

In Stacks of Goblins, each player will take the
role of a Goblin sent to retrieve something for the Goblin Ruler and hoping to score something extra for themselves.

Things will go terribly wrong and you may not succeed.


but thus is the nature of Shenanigans!

Created by: Jack Milton
Edited by: Steph Williamson

A5 zine, 18 green & white pages.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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