Splat 2: Adventures in Cyberspace

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Splat 2: Adventures in Cyberspace  is a zine focused on role-playing games and what it means to play them, make them, and interact with them in digital spaces. It includes contributions from seven talented writers, each of whom are looking to share their relationship to games, the internet, and our Current Times™.

Inside, you'll find cool stuff about designing with Discord, making solo RPGs, how the digital changes our relationship with each other, our GMs, safety, community building, and more. 

What's Inside

  •  How to Design a Solo RPG While Losing Your Ability to Walk During a Pandemic, a step-by-step guide by Anna Anthropy (@adult_witch | she/her)
  •  Kate Bullock (@BlueStockingEtc | she/her) on the often-overlooked foundations of community organizing and creating safer spaces, including transformative practices, community creation, and ethical engagement
  •  Kienna Shaw (@KiennaS | she/they) on how the narrative created in TTRPG livestreams is different from private and convention games, and how to form and shape our games and shows to match this medium
  •  Noordin Ali Kadir (@WerewolfFeels | he/him) on how to keep digital spaces as safe as possible, and how to recognize problematic or bigoted patterns of behavior in these spaces
  • A personal piece from Summer (@JustASummerJob | she/her) on the ways content creation changes our relationships to TTRPGs—along with thoughts on burnout, game design and maintaining passion within the industry
  •  RK Wilde (@RussWildest | they/them) on our collective expectations of a “good” GM and how to value and appreciate that which isn’t visible in TTRPG spaces, especially with the artificial barriers of the digital space
  •  Will Jobst (@will_jobst | they/them) on finding and nurturing play in shared digital spaces, adapting those spaces for play, and adapting play for those spaces
  •  An interview with The Game Band (@thegameband) about your favorite splort and mine, Blaseball.

Co-editors: Sam Hotchkiss and Jillian Wakarchuck
Cover Art and Logo Art: Jesse Gazic
Concept and Layout: Sam Hotchkiss

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 32 B&W pages.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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