SPLAT: Perspectives on Play

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Splat is a zine focused on role-playing games and what it means to play them. It includes contributions from 11 talented writers, each of whom is looking to redefine or challenge perspectives on play. Inside, you'll find advice on how to play games for an audience, and on how to resolve interpersonal conflicts at the table. You'll learn about how RPGs are used in therapy and in the classroom. And you'll hear thoughts from designers on agency, flow, and fun. Splat is the follow-up zine to Skill Points (Zine Quest 2019)

What's Inside

  • Meg Baker on how to relax and get back to the basic playfulness we all were born possessing
  • An interview with Jakob Jaskov on designing games for use in schools
  • Elizabeth and Jared Kilmer on navigating challenging conversations and interpersonal conflicts at the table
  • Kira Magrann on how to share space when roleplaying
  • Chris O'Neill on telling complete, compelling stories without the baggage of a "novel length” campaign
  • Angeli Pineda on what it means to play tabletop games for both yourself and an audience
  • Dr. Brian Carl Quinones on using games to teach social-emotional learning and skill development
  • Jay Treat on games, improv, flirting, and the nature of play.
  • Jabari Weathers on play as learning and agency in play
  • Matthew Gravelyn on how to design RPGs to maximize approachability for new players
Co-editors: Sam Hotchkiss and Jillian Wakarchuck
Cover Art: Jesse Gazic
Concept and Layout: Sam Hotchkiss

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 36 B&W pages.

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